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Skencil is an open source and interactive vector drawing program for Mac OS X, Windows, GNU/Linux and other UNIX compatible systems.

Skencil is implemented almost completely in Python, a very high-level, object oriented, interpreted language, with the rest written in C for speed.


Drawing Primitives:

Skencil has the usual drawing primitives found in a vector drawing program:

* Rectangles, optionally with rounded corners
* Ellipses (full ellipses, pie slices, arcs and chords)
* B+ezier curves (single and multi path)
* External images:
o Raster images: JPEG, PNG,...
(all types the Python Imaging Library can read)
o Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)
* Text (very simple at the moment)

All objects, including images and text, can be rotated, scaled, sheared, etc. (all affine transformations are possible)


Primitives can usually have fill and line properties:

Fill properties are patterns like solid colors, gradients, tiled images and hatching.

Line properties are currently a (solid) color, width, dashes, cap and join styles and arrow heads. Patterns instead of a single color are planned for the future.

Special Effects and Features:

# Rectangles, ellipses and b+ezier curves can be used as guides. Skencil has ordinary horizontal and vertical guide lines as well, of course.
# Blend Groups: Automatically updated interpolations of arbitrary objects
# Text can be converted to b+ezier curves. (This works only if Skencil has access to the PostScript Type 1 font files (pfa or pfb)).


Skencil has plugin mechanisms for a variety of purposes:

Import Filters allow Skencil to read different file formats. Currently Skencil has import filters for XFig (.fig), Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files, Corel CMX, Windows 3.1 Metafiles, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and for its own file format.

Export Filters allow Skencil to write the drawing to various file formats. Skencil has filters for its own format and for Adobe Illustrator, PDF and SVG files.

Plugin Objects provide a way to define new graphics objects.

Other Features:

* User scripts
* Exports Encapsulated PostScript
* Unlimited undo history
Release notes: New Release
* Prepare for Python 2.4:
o Update paxtkinter to deal with python's Tkinter changes
* The .sk file format is now the default file format in the File/Open dialog. Patch by Frank Koormann
* The script works on HP-UX now. Shared libraries have a .sl extension there. Patch by Olivier Mehani (Savannah patch #3709).
* Mouse-wheel support for the canvas. The mouse wheel scrolls up/down. Savannah patch #3836 by cafeine
* Updated the FAQ a bit to better match the one on the web-page.
* Kinyarwanda translations by Steve Murphy. The translation seems quote incomplete.

Bug Fixes:
* On some systems math.atan2 raises an exception when called with two zeros. Fix one occurrence in the arrow module. Reported by Joel Biddier
[ Skencil full changelog ]

Systems: Linux, Mac OS X, Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.0, WinXP, Windows 2000, Windows2003

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